Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy New Year!

Audrey is turning 19 months at the end of this month.
Her favorite books are "Good night, Gorilla", "Good Evening, Dear Moon"
She loves reading books.

She loves eating food, especially noodles like pasta and ramen.
We gave her Jajangmyun this week and she was in love with it!

She says lots of words in Korean and English already.

She hates getting her diapers changed.
(Once it gets warm, we will start potty training. Good luck, Audrey!)
She also doesn't like brushing her teeth.
(I don't like brushing my teeth either 
but I hate going to dentist more than brushing my teeth :p)

We put her Hanbok for the New Year and she looks adorable!
Hope you are having a good year so far :)

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