Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I can have some fish.
I'm still craving sushi but I guess I have to be satisfied with grilled fish.


  1. lol I'm seriously in love with this blog! SRSLY!!!! >3< lolololool catfish aren't as cute as cats, unfortunately (or fortunately because that would make it easier to eat them without feeling guilty lol)

    and you're so random I love you '3'

    and I didn't know pregnant women can't eat fish, aaahh.. I love seafood >_< well I shall eat as much as I can now when I'm not yet pregnant then hahaha #logic

    1. Thank you, Tiara :) I'm in love with my blog too. lol :p
      I didn't know pregnant women can't eat some fish either before I was pregnant :p
      Eat tons of sushi as much as you can before you get pregnant!! :D

  2. I feel like everyone that eats sushi has crazy sushi cravings while they are pregnant.

    I hope you enjoy your grilled low mercury fish!


    1. I guess I'm one of them! Can't wait to be done with my pregnancy so I can have sushi every day :)
      Thank you for the sweet words :)


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