Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good Bye, Gamja

Since I'm pregnant, Alex and I decided to give Gamja to our good friends.
We dropped him off at their house last Thursday night.
I still hear his bell on his neck running around our house.
I miss him but I'm glad that he is with good, NEW family now :)

Dear, Gamja.
Thank you for giving us a chance to be cat owners. 
We really had a good time with you.
We will always love you.

Jane and Alex


  1. ah :( I will miss your pics about Gamja.. he's such a sweet cat! <3

    btw congrats for your pregnancy! waiting to hear your updates :D

  2. Aww~~ such a sweet post. It looks like he had a great time with you and Alex. So so so nice of you to make sure he had a good home to go to! You're loving parents to Gamja~~~ (oh and I love your shirt!!)

    1. Thank you, Jane! I hope Gamja had a good time with Alex and me. :D


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