Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I love Squid!

I've made some squid dishs since I can't eat sushi or sashimi.
I even drew a ddalki diary about it too.

Alex cleaned the squid and cut them for me.
I put the squid into a boiling water for 20 seconds.
Then I took out the squid and rinsed it with cold water.
I ate the squid with the vinegar red pepper paste!!!!
It's so chewy and yummy!!!

 I also made a spicy stir-fried squid for the first time.
I added garlic, onions, peppers, carrots and squash.
I went to gym after eating this, I think I smelled like a squid.
Alex went to work after eating this, his co-worker told him that he smelled like a Korean :p
Alex and I have decided not to go anywhere after eating this anymore.
It was so spicy and yummy though!!!


  1. Make a recipe with squid. I had it at a Japanese restaurant and I LOVED it, but do not know where to start. :]

    1. I had some squid with pepper paste. :D


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