Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Do you have any nicknames?
When I was in high school, lots of my friends called me "dalki
since my head is huge and I got some attitude :p
I'd like to share my parents' nickname.
I will go with my dad's nicknames first.

 1. Angry Jae-Jin - He yells a lot. Don't worry. It's for fun :p
2. Road Lee - My dad doesn't have navigation. 
He thinks his brain is his navigation and he is really good at finding the location.
My mama gave this nickname to him :)
3. Bank Lee - My dad like to pay for meals when he gets together with his friends.
My mom doesn't like when he does it though.
My dad said he's thankful that he can afford it.
My mama also gave this nickname to him.

Now it's my mama's turn.
1. 2. 3. Picky/Cranky Soogie - My mom is very picky what she eats, what my dad eats and what I eat.
She concerns about the health. She hates fried food(french fries, fried chicken), sodas and pretty much all the food that you can get in America.
My mama said the food in America is very oily, salty and sweet.
Whenever my hubby and I take her to American restaurant, 
she always complain about the food.
That's why she's skinny and healthy.
I wish I were like her. I love junk food too much.

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